Kukicha (1) Variation / (1) Hs-code / (1) Origin-country
Kukicha (1) Variation / (1) Hs-code / (1) Origin-country



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A full-bodied, sweet, slightly arugula-peppery character.

Kukicha is made from both the stem of the tea plant and the tea leaf itself. It has a unique taste - fresh herbal with hints of fresh birch shoots and blackcurrant leaves. A full-bodied, sweet, slightly arugula-peppery character. Very low caffeine content, lowest of all Japanese teas and therefore good as an evening drink.

For this tea, we suggest you try the traditional Chinese Gong Fu style of brewing your tea. The idea behind this technique is to use larger proportions of tea leaves to water and very short brewing times. By using more tea leaves and having very short brewing, you only succeed in extracting parts of the entire flavor spectrum. The tea can then be enjoyed in so-called "sections", which gives a much more nuanced experience. Because the flavor develops gradually and there are many more leaves, this contributes to a significantly more intense flavor than in Western-style brewing.

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Gram / 2dl
Temperatur °C
1 minute
Region Shizuoka
Årstid April - June
Kultivar Yabukita
Höjd 100m

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